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The anghirian gods

The last thing that is necessary to mention is the Chyrrkhan pantheon.

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The Chyrrkhans worship their Gods in sacred groves where they bring sacrifices. In Anghir and Bôghir exists a limited class of priests, the brins, who take care of those groves and lead the initiation ceremonies for young boys and girls during which a plant with intoxicating effects, so-called maghanai, is used.

The greatest god is the lord of the sky, Maghúr, who lives upon Maghrin, the highest mountain of Anghir. His opposite is his brother Drughár, the lord of the underworld. The gate between his world and the world of the immortals is the Drughnor volcano. Maghúr has his grove with each Chyrrkhan tribe.

It may differ for other gods; the one who is essential for one tribe my be easily unknown for another.

The Tighans worship Dargha, the god of sea storms, and his spouse Naiwel who is the goddess of all sailors and favorable winds. Those two are absolutely unknown to the Harghani living inland.

Adeghúr, the messenger of gods and the patron of all wanderers and Yallwel, the worshiped goddess of fertility and harvest are also among the most honored. Her spouse Zerlan, the patron of all craftsmen, is honored in Sirrach and Zerach where he has his only temple in Anghir.

Among the Erighani and Harghani, the goddess of herds and fertility Lónwelghi who is the wife of the wild and feared Astoghár, the god of war and warriors, is honored.

The goddess of forests and baby animals Lónai and her husband Roghár, the lord of forests and patron of hunters are worshiped widely among the Korlans and Nomghans. After all, he is also favored among the Harghani.

The last one who is worth mentioning is Lóben, the god of high mountains, who controls the wind and fog, snowstorms and is a worshiped god of the Sharians. In other places of Anghir, he is barely known.