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Born in the Dust of Path

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He, who never finds the courage to leave the native home, never finds who he truly is. This applied in the past and will apply in the future, and thus it‘s no surprise that it applies to the world created by the author of the Yorran saga, too. Only the obstacles and trials which the heroes of this fantasy story need to face are different from ours.

There are people who set out on such journey voluntarily, and some will be forced to take it by the ruthless power of their destiny. And the story of our hero isn‘t any different. Abarhil is not a boy anymore. The question, however, is whether he really is the man who can face up to the trials which the fate lays before him.

The author of the saga has created a complex world which he populated with unknown nations and curious animals. He created a history of the world in which he planted the seeds of events which just now begin to sprout. The features of future events are not very clear, yet, but not even our hero is ready to face them. Thus, a long journey awaits him. Far away sail to the southern seas, return journey full of hardships through the wilderness, unexpected adventures, and above all, unusual encounters which indicate his disturbing future. Can he handle the traps of love to which his heart will be exposed? Will he stand the test of the war hardships which his destiny lays before him? Will he understand what his destiny asks of him?

Let‘s set out on this long and dangerous journey across the unknown world. Set your foot on a dusty path from which a new hero will be born.obalka-anglicke-verze-born-in-the-dust-...-small.jpg

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