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In the hourglass measuring time of the old world, last grains of sand fall through the narrow neck. The long forgotten prophecy of a race of the undying who witnessed the begining of Dairluré, the created world, has been fulfilled. The Elves has ruled this world for three long ages but the prophecy says they must now vacate their place for the race of people. Will they go voluntarily?
The Engaindor, the oldest of all people’s kingdoms, has come to the second age of its existence. The mighty pillars which have held it for centuries, are beginning to shake. Although the life in its villages and towns is flowing calmly, the wind of change is merciless and it wildly turns the pages in the Chronicle of Time. Far behind the horizon a fire has been ignited which shall reverse the way the world is heading. The long predicted Shadow is returning.

The opening paragraphs describe the frame of the story, its main storyline and where it takes place. Yorran is not only the nickname of the main character but mainly the symbolic title of the whole saga in the language of the world it inhabits. It can be translated as the Gift of a Journey or the Journey of an Eagle.The story is written as an epic, Tolkien-like fantasy saga which, so far, contains four books. The fifth book is, at this time, being written and will be released in 2018. The titles of the books are as follows:

  • Czech edition - Poutník I. - The Wayfarer I. (2015) – revised edition with a new name "V časech stínu - In the Times of Shadow" (2020)
  • Czech edition - Poutník II. - The Wayfarer II. (2015) - revised edition with a new name "Z prachu cesty - From the Dust of Path" (2020)
  • Czech edition - Psanec - The Outcast (2016)
  • Czech edition - Údolím stínů - Through the Valley of Shadows (2017)
  • Czech edition - Zvol si život - Choose Your Life  (2018)
  • English edition - Born in the Dust of Path (2020)

This website provides the reader with detailed world as it is expected within the genre of fantasy saga. There are dozens of illustrations, thorough descriptions of each country, vocabularies, coats of arms, trees of noble families, and maps. The Chronicle contains a collection of texts which describe events preceding the actual story. Everything is, at this time, available only in the mother tongue of the author, i.e. Czech. But since we have been getting some likes on our Facebook page from foreign fans, we’ve decided to provide the option to have a limited look into the Yorran’s world and story. Therefore, we’ve created a special category for the foreign fans who don’t speak Czech. 

I’m proud to tell you that from the April 2020 my series has its own English website. You can find details about the release of the shortened version on the second book Born in the Dust of Path. To go to the website, click here.
Thank you for any opinion and feedback.